A Simple Way to Clean Up Messy Content

A Simple Way to Clean Up Messy Content

If your company has been creating content for any length of time, you’re probably sitting on a mountain of messy content — content that lacks consistency, content that suffers from ROT, even content that confuses your customers. And even if you’re brand new to content, you might be struggling with long production cycles, frustrated creators, overworked editors, and an inefficient approval process.

Help is here — well, not here, but on the Content Marketing Institute blog where I’m writing about how you can use simple content templates to deliver consistent, high quality content every time. I lay out a detailed step-by-step process we use with our clients and even provide a downloadable template example to inspire you to create your own. Content strategists will recognize the process and template as taking first steps toward structured content — for everyone else, just think of them a simple way to improve your digital customer experience by providing your audience with better, more consistent content that — as an added bonus — is easier for your organization to create.

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