The First Tooth: Celebrating Content Marketing Breakthroughs

The First Tooth: Celebrating Content Marketing Breakthroughs

Today our son’s first tooth broke through. Lately, I’ve been feeling around his gums to see if all his drooling had finally culminated in a chomper. The moment I felt in there this afternoon, I gasped with excitement and squealed with delight — my baby boy hit another milestone! Like most new parents, I felt so proud and happy of my boy’s big accomplishment, little as it may be… 

This actually got me thinking about our content marketing work, and how for some clients, the ask is to help them build a program from scratch. In cases like these, the content marketing program isn’t going to go from nothing to a full-fledged, “grown-up” content experience in a day. You’ve got to grow your teeth first.

Every time a company “gets its first tooth” in content marketing, there’s reason to be excited.

For an established company with an active, dynamic content program, something like a blog post or a standalone video may flow through the creation and approval process without much fanfare from the team. For organizations embarking on a content marketing program for the first time or those that are utilizing content in a completely new way, there are bound to be exciting milestones along the way.

One of our clients is a fan of the phrase, “crawl, walk, run,” and we’re enjoying the challenge of building toward the first content milestone for the company. And one of the best parts of this is feeding off their enthusiasm and delight in trying and achieving new things.


To the marketers who’ve been rocking their content program for a while: remember to stop and marvel at the work you’re doing and how far you’ve come.

To the marketers who are ready to bring a new content program to life: celebrate your early successes no matter how small they are, and keep that enthusiasm as you grow.

To my son: your first tooth may be tiny, but discovering it was the biggest delight of my day.

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